Snapshots from the Lives of LGBTQ+ Refugees in Lithuania

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Snapshots from the Lives of LGBTQ+ Refugees in Lithuania

„Even in your house, you are not safe”. We begin our new season by sharing the stories of LGBTQ+ refugees who are building their lives in Lithuania. One of our guests, Pascaline, left her home in Cameroon where she faced persecution based on her sexual orientation and gender identity. In 2018, she moved to Belarus, where she studied for three years. Once again, she experienced persecution—after breaking up with her boyfriend and the expiration of her passport, she had no choice but to leave.

She crossed the border into Lithuania, seeking asylum. „In Cameroon, if you are an LGBTQ+ person, according to the law, you are a criminal, because being gay in Cameroon is considered a crime,” Pascaline shares the harsh reality of her homeland.

Lukas is from Iraq and arrived in Lithuania in 2021. Back in his homeland, he studied accounting and worked in a printing and publishing services store. According to Lukas, the LGBT community in Iraq constantly faces psychological violence. He states, ‘Our society, customs, and traditions have a very negative influence on LGBT people due to various reasons. One of the reasons is that the government of Iraq forces these individuals to marry someone from a different gender.’

When asked about his favorite place in Vilnius, Lukas shared a picture of Cathedral Square. This choice reflects his optimistic perspective on Lithuania. ‘I find the Cathedral to be a place I like because of its remarkable tolerance, which contrasts positively with the religious practices in my country of origin.

We would like to express our gratitude to the volunteers of TJA (Tolerant Youth Association) and the Vilnius City Municipality for their assistance in creating these episodes.


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